Privacy Policy

This policy relates to the both the Sea Angling Diary Tool and the Sea Angling Diary mobile app.

Any data collected for the project will be managed and processed by Substance in collaboration with Cefas, in accordance with GDPR regulations.

By taking part, you are agreeing that data provided in the sign-up survey, online diary tool and mobile app can be used for the purposes of the Sea Angling Diary Project.

All data will be anonymised except for the operation of the project - such as reminder email and online diary tool support.

Location data is recorded in the mobile app for recording Current Location in session details, and if using the Live Tracking function. Both of these functions are voluntary/optional to use. Also, you will be asked if you will allow location to be recorded and you can opt not to select this and remove that permission at any time if you have previously allowed it. All location data collected can be deleted by deleting the recorded session from within the app.
Location data is only used in the following conditions:

  • To plot the users recorded fishing sessions on a map contained within the users account, or within the community dashboard where the user has explicitly given consent for this data to be used.
  • The time is used in conjunction with the location data to provide weather conditions for the geographical location.
  • Anonymised version of the location data may be used within aggregated analysis reports.

All data is stored securely and no personal information will be passed onto any other party unless you have given express permission for that to be done.

Data will be anonymised and only used in aggregate form for analysis.

We will store your personal data until at least the end of 2023 unless you specifically withdraw, which you can ask to do at any time by emailing

Further information can be found at

Your participation and provision of data is also subject to the general privacy policy of Substance, which is available here: