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The Sea Angling Diary Project is for UK sea anglers to help improve the sustainable management of marine stocks and demonstrate the value of sea angling. The project is delivered by Substance and the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) on behalf of all the UK governments and devolved administrations. It helps report the activity, catches and value of recreational sea angling to assist better informed decision making. Around 2,000 participants take part from every country and region in the UK.

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The results of the Sea Angling Diary 2016/2017 are available now. Click here to read the full report!


FREE Sea Angling Diary Mobile App!

Diary Pack

Everyone who takes part can get a FREE mobile app. With the Sea Angling Diary app you can:

  • Record all your fishing sessions
  • Record your locations using GPS
  • List your tackle, duration and weather and tide conditions.
  • Record all your catches, including length and numbers kept and returned.

This unique app is ONLY available if you SIGN UP as a diarist and is on both Android and Apple stores.

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Diary Pack
Diary Pack

A diary pack with

  • Sea Fish ID book
  • Catch recording kit
  • Tape measure
  • App
  • Online tool and personal dashboard
App and waterproof phone holder

Download Our Free Diary App. First 500 new users in 2021 get a free waterproof phone holder when they use the app. Perfect for entering data as you fish.


Sign up draw for new participants:

  • 2 x £50 Fishing Megastore vouchers
  • 2 x RNLI tide clocks

Monthly draws:

  • £50 and £25 Fishing Megastore vouchers
  • RNLI good bag

News and Competitions

Last month’s prize winners

  • David who won a £50 Fishing Megastore voucher
  • Simon who won a £25 Fishing Megastore voucher
  • Mark who won a £25 Amazon voucher

What users say

Improved online diary tool makes inputting so much easier. I'm old skool but 2020 I'll be downloading the app. The Team are always an email away.
— Kevser, a returning angler of the female species
An excellent sea fishing recording system that is simple and easy to use. It will help a lot of anglers see how they have fished over the year/years.
— Anonymous Diarist
As much as cash/prize incentives are a nice reward, I like to fill out the diary because it is so easy to do!
— Anonymous Diarist
Perhaps now the government can get a true idea of the number of anglers and the fish we catch.
— Anonymous Diarist
My main motivations are to raise the profile of sea angling and to stop us always being treated as unimportant compared to commercial fishing and that we care more for the marine environment than commercial fishing people do.
— Anonymous Diarist
I’ve been using the app for a couple of months now (started fishing post lockdown) and the compact design of the tape measure slots into my tackle box perfectly.
— Richard, new diarist in 2020
Demonstrating that anglers return most of the bass they catch.
— Anonymous Diarist
I am disabled and doing this encourages me to get out.
— Anonymous Diarist
To get an accurate picture of species and numbers caught in the UK.
— Anonymous Diarist
Wow! Thank you! That is a superb prize!
— Dave, competition winner October 2020

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