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Take Part in Sea Angling 2017

Do you want access to a state of the art Online Catch Diary where you can record your fishing trips and catches in 2017?

Do you want to contribute to managing fish stocks sustainably?

Do you want to help demonstrate the importance of sea angling in the UK?


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Background to Sea Angling 2017

About Sea Angling 2017

Sea Angling 2017 is an exciting project in which 1,000 sea anglers will be selected to complete a bespoke Online Catch Diary next year.

The study follows from Sea Angling 2012 which showed the huge economic and social importance of sea angling in England and a similar study being undertaken this year - Sea Angling 2016.

The study is also vital to inform government bodies about what is being caught and what sea angling is worth in the UK.

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How do I take part?

Taking part couldn't be simpler. You just:

  1. Complete our Sea Angling 2017 survey.
  2. This will only take 10 minutes and asks some basic information about your sea angling.
  3. If you wish to take part in the Sea Angling 2017 Diary Study, simply click yes on the relevant question and leave your details.

Following this initial survey we will invite respondents to sign up to the diary itself.

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What Benefits Will I Get?

Benefits include:

  • The chance to take part in the Sea Angling 2017 Diary Study which will give you:
    • Access to a unique Online Catch Diary Tool
    • A Sea Fish Identification Book and Catch Recoding Kit, including bespoke waterproof catch recording notebook and tape measure.
  • The chance to win one of 2 x £50 tackle vouchers from Fishing Megastore for doing this initial survey.
  • The chance to win a £50 or a £25 tackle voucher each month that you enter data into the diary.
  • Personalised dashboard

Download FAQs about Sea Angling 2017


Angling organisations supporting the project:

Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers
Angling NI
The Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers
Angling Trades Association
British Sea Fishing

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Who is Doing the Sea Angling 2017 Research?

The research is commissioned by Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) on behalf of the UK governments and is being carried out by Substance who have undertaken a wealth of research to support the development of angling in the UK in the last decade. For more information on some of Substance's previous angling work, see our Angling Research site.

Why is the Sea Angling 2017 Being Conducted?

The results of the diary study will help the UK meet its obligations to report on recreational catches of certain species as specified by the EU Data Collection Framework and the EU Council Regulation 1224/2009. The Data Collection Framework was established in 2002 to encourage EU Member States collect sufficient data to allow the state of European fish stocks to be monitored as accurately as possible by the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas and by the EU Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee on Fisheries. It requires collection of recreational fishery data from all forms of non-commercial fishing from shore and boats.

What will data be used for?

The data collected will be provided to national and local policy makers to make better informed decisions on fisheries management, as well as provide the sea angling community with information to help them develop their own views and policies. By having data that is accurate as possible about what is caught, released and spent by sea anglers in the UK, helps enable the sea angling community demonstrate its real impact more effectively.

Data from Sea Angling 2017 will allow the governments in the UK to have as accurate a picture as possible about sea angling in the UK what is caught and what is spent.

What was Sea Angling 2012 and Sea Angling 2016?

Sea Angling 2016 is an ongoing project in which 500 sea anglers are completing an online diary about their sea angling trips and catches this year. Diarists are also providing details of what they spend on sea angling trips and angling purchases to demonstrate the economic value of the activity.

Sea Angling 2012 was a multi-faceted research project that over 11,000 anglers in England to provide information on what they caught and what they spent. It estimated that:

  • There are 884,000 sea anglers in England, 2% of all adults
  • They spent £1.23billion on the sport, supporting 23,600 jobs once indirect and induced effects are into account
  • The most common species caught, by number, were mackerel and whiting.
  • Shore anglers released around 75% of the fish caught, many of which were undersized, and boat anglers released around 50% of their fish.

You can access more information about Sea Angling 2012 by downloading the Final Report here.